Cleanings and Checkups

We encourage our patients to visit Anchor Dental for a cleaning and checkup every 6 months. We may encourage more frequent visits if you have active gum disease. Once plaque hardens on the tooth and becomes tartar buildup, it can no longer be removed by just brushing and flossing alone. Tartar buildup can only be removed with special dental instruments. If the tartar is left on the tooth and continues to build up, it can cause a chain reaction of bad things that can be detrimental to the life of your teeth as well as your health.

We take your oral health very seriously as it as a reflection of your overall health.

Bacteria in the mouth have now been found to be linked to heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, early delivery during pregnancy, and osteoporosis. Persistence of plaque and tartar in the mouth leads to gum disease, which is the most common chronic inflammatory condition in the world. Ongoing inflammation in your mouth can allow bacteria to enter the bloodstream, which may lead to more inflammation in other parts of your body, such as the heart. Researchers at the University of North Carolina School of Dentistry found that people with gum disease were twice as likely as others to die from a heart attack and three times as likely to have a stroke. The mouth can act as a portal of entry for infection. Think about it. Every time you chew food, or swallow, bacteria is moved around in your mouth. It doesn’t just stay on one tooth. (This is the same way that cavities can be spread to other areas of your mouth). You are constantly swallowing bacteria that cause inflammation. It is important to keep your mouth healthy and clean to prevent a heavy bioload of bacteria elsewhere in the body.

When it comes to our teeth, we have all been dealt a different set of cards. Some of us have inherited remarkably strong teeth, while others may have inherited a tendency for dental problems. The long-term health of your teeth and gums is not only the result of your inherited characteristics, but also of your general health, your diet, and the manner in which you care for your teeth.

What can you expect during your cleaning? Each tooth is carefully cleaned with an ultrasonic instrument that gently vibrates plaque and tartar off of the tooth. This is the most gentle and effective method to ensure your mouth is properly cleaned. Our hygienist and dentist have a gentle touch. The dentist uses magnification to ensure each tooth is thoroughly cleaned.

Regular checkups are important to detect the beginning of any oral problems. Prevention is the key to avoid dental pain and extensive treatment. It is much easier and less expensive to fix dental problems when they just begin. Anchor Dental uses the newest technology to detect cavities in their beginning stages.

You will also receive an oral cancer screening during your regular checkup. Early detection of oral cancer is critical. The use of tobacco products and alcohol increases your risk for oral cancer. New information reveals that HPV, transmitted through saliva, sexual, and skin-to-skin contact is the cause of the fastest growing oral cancer population under the age of 45. HPV is responsible for a 15x increase in oral cancer diagnosis. Don’t leave your health up to chance. Get screened today.


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